How to cut Snowdonia waxed cheeses

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Our cheeses are famous for their jewel-coloured wax casings – not only do they look good, but they keep the cheese tasting delicious, retain all-important moisture and help preserve it, too.

But what about cutting waxed cheeses? We’re often asked about the best way, so here we’ll share our favourite techniques. The first step is to remove the cheese from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before cutting into it. This softens the wax slightly and makes it much easier to separate from the cheese. Cheese also tastes even better when it’s not fridge-cold.

Next, remove the sticky labels. To make a good, clean slice without getting any small pieces of wax on to the cheese, make sure you always (carefully!) use a very sharp knife.

There are three cutting methods we recommend:

1. Cubes
Take your knife and carefully cut around the outer circumference of the wax, just along the top edge. Remove the upper “lid” of wax. Next, turn over the cheese and cut the wax across the centre. Gently pull the rest of the wax away from the cheese before slicing up and cubing the cheese, ready to serve.

2. Slices
Simply cut the cheese into 1cm slices and serve. Remove wax before eating.

3. Wedges
Cut the cheese into quarters, then cut each quarter in half, then serve. Remove wax before eating.

In their wax casings, Snowdonia cheeses will last up to the best before date in the fridge. Once the cheese has been cut open, wrap it tightly in cling film, store in an airtight container in the fridge and eat within seven to ten days.

Enjoy the cheese simply with crackers and chutney, or see our recipes section for lots of creative ideas.